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The company

The origin of the Group is dated in 1952 in Spain when “Marzana & Cia, S.A.” was created.

In the beginning it designed and manufactured lighting products for bicycles. Dynamo was one of the most  important products. In 1991 “Marzana & Cia, S.A.” changed its name to “Rinder Industrial, S.A.” and it used RINDER trade mark in all its products. During this period the company increase its presence in Automotive Industry in such a way that RINDER products are bought by main domestic and International OEMs.

In 1997 the company starts its internalization by opening its first factory in India. After that another two more factories were opened in India and one more in Colombia.

About Atressagroup

In June 2016 Rinder Group sells to Minda Group its 3 factories located in India (Rinder India Pvt. Ltd.),  the company located in Colombia (Rinder Riduco S.A), its Design Center (LIGHT & SYSTEMS TECHNICAL CENTER, S.L.) and Rinder Trade Mark.

As per the agreement Rinder name must be removed from the other Group Companies (Corporación Rinder, S.L., Rinder Industrial, S.A., Rinder trading, S.L.) and according to that they change their name as ATRESSA GLOBAL CORPORATION, S.L., ATRESSA AUTOMOTIVE FACTORY, S.A. and ATRESSA AUTOMOTIVE TRADING, S.L.

Atressa Group has a background of more than 60 years in lighting Automotive Market and it will continue in this new stage developing and selling new quality products as per our Customers’ requirements.

You can read our Quality Policy in this document.

You can also read the supplier evaluation methodology in this document.

Atressa Group, an ISO 9001:2015 Company.

ISO 9001:2015


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